The complete first series of Momo’s new podcast explores the UN’s Global Goals for sustainability, to begin to ask the question: How can we encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow?


Across these 19 episodes, the bloke from Momo:tempo, Timo Peach, attempts foolhardily to circumnavigate the complete plan for saving humankind from itself, which is essentially what this grand scheme is. Does this plan make sense, and is there any purpose really in ordinary twerps like us considering it? Momo thinks so, but there are lots of interlinking issues to consider. Which is not exactly going to be simple.

But, to introduce you to the Now of fearsome realities from a less fatalistic point of view, here is the very personal view of an unqualified electro-pop creative, inspired by his own happy art accident to dive deep into the possibilities, challenges, opportunities and mindsets in the converging consequences of… kind of everything. All in an episode order designed to help you make good sequential sense of how the big picture of our times fits together.

Listen, read, ponder and share, do. Each episode is available as podcast to listen to or blog to read and follow the links and videos from.

You can find Unsee The Future in a search in your usual podcast feed or right here in the original full blog posts:


UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:01 – Consciousness.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:02 – Climate.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:03 – Economy.



UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:06 – Health.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:07 – Cities, part 1.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:08 – Cities, part 2.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:09 – Energy.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:10 – Innovation.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:11 – Oceans.


UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:13 – Education, part 1.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:14 – Education, part 2.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:15 – Sexuality, part 1.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:16 – Sexuality, part 2.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:17 – Justice.

UNSEE THE FUTURE – EP:18/19 – Poverty, part 1.