We’ve enjoyed scoring various TV shows, shorts, theatre productions, art installations and corporate films, working with a variety of media clients.


Of course, to get a broader idea of the range of work and musical costumes Momo’s donned over the years, simply have a nice amble through a big selection of our commissioned music here.

A short action film:


Written and directed by Ben Campbell and produced by Rampage Studio, Hero is – be warned – a violent film. It is, essentially, one long fight scene between two mysterious men, meeting, apparently pre-arranged, in a disused warehouse. Despite having no real insterest in punch-ups for the sake of it, myself, Ben handles all things with lurking charm and style with a pay-off here that meant I couldn’t say no. A sharp action short that should surely spawn a TV show…


A short scifi drama:

“Seasons of war”

Written and directed by Andy Robinson to promote an unoffical anothology of original short stories edited by Declan May, for obvious reasons this score had iconic source material to draw on, in not so obvious ways. A YouTube hit with Doctor Who fans.


A short comedy drama:

Watch Bristles on Vimeo - password: "Toothbrush" >



Directed by Danielle Arden, this is a tale of tainted goods and frayed toothbrushes – newlyweds Lilly and Lisle have just experienced an awkward first night together. With lewd suggestions from the locals, their honeymoon is shaping up to be a complete disaster. A subtly hyper-real story of tweedy nerves finding the swing. Password is: “Toothbrush”.



A short urban fairytale:

“Two Feet Tall”

Directed by Andy Robinson, this remarkable view of life from the knees down needs no words to be full of heart, as Two Feet learns to look at life from a different angle.


A pre-schoolers’ animated short:

“Ooman and Moof”

A Nickleodeon pilot from Benedict Bowen and Karrot Entertainment. An absolute delight on the eyes and a new sig tune to arrange for Momo’s live band, surely.


A children’s safety film:


A Love Love Films production for Dorset Coastal Forum that called for voice characterisation as well as catchy songwriting, endeavouring to help youngsters remember some key things to safely get the most out of their adventures visiting the Jurassic Coast. A daft joy to be part of.


An advertising commission:

“Mizuno: The moment”

An online campaign for the European audience of the international sports equipment brand, this spot for two particular running shoe brands was commissioned by Thinking Juice Advertising.


A corporate film:

“Laureus: Sporting heroes”

When Rampage Studio were approached by international sporting children’s charity, Laureus, to create a short promo for their Sporting Heroes initiative, Rampage approached us for a little something inspiring in the score.


Another TV series:

“Lyndey & Herbie’s moveable feast”

Flame Media’s culinary road trip around the outback even demanded a theme song from the Edna the car. Cheery daytime travel stuff, of which we’ve done a fair bit.