Momo:tempo, at it’s heart, is playful. A richly drawn, fringe club, cinematic alt-electro-pop cabaret – fusing influences from across electronic music, film and theatre. Romantic, riddimous, ridiculous. And creatively irresistable.


You will essentially be wanting to click to the ELECTRO PLAYLIST to hear more of the core sound of what we do. You will. And if you want to go mad and spend a couple of hours at it, you can find all manner of things on there that aren’t on Momo’s current two LPs. The serious will get straight to the Mercato pages for where to support with a purchase – Momo music, merch and media >

But as an easy taster while you’re here, here is a selection of all-time Momo favourites, beginning with the brand new single from the forthcoming long-awaited long-player.