Lights, camera, redaction – the brand new LP from Momo:tempo is out this June, but the title is still top secret

Bournemouth’s own creative curiosity brings the launch show of his imminent album to town, Saturday June 6th 2015 – but you can’t know yet what it’s called.

That’s right, the big news is out – you’ll be getting your hands on the long-awaited follow up to 2010’s The Golden Age Of Exploration on Monday June 8th, with a big bash to celebrate that Saturday night. And it’ll certainly be a night not to miss, both for fans of the bloke from Momo and creativity lovers in the summery seaside resort.

Teaming up with the brand new venue Jalarra, Momo is bringing his little circus of  electro pop cabaret to The Triangle, to share a few old favourites and a bag of new tunes to internationally debut from the forthcoming LP. But to keep the theatre going, you’re not yet going to know what the LP’s title is.

“I’m a tease,” says Timo Peach, “I want to make it a bit of a reveal nearer the time. Ideally on the night of the big show, but I doubt I’ll get away with that.”

As of April 1st, the joke is out – and it’s a serious bit of work. With private preview links heading out to reviewers already, the bloke from Momo:tempo is beginning to hear people’s first impressions of his latest opus, and they appear to think it’s a big deal.

“No official reviews are back as we speak here, but I’m already hopeful that the outside world may yet hear what I hear in this new chapter of Momo,” says Mr Peach. “Of course, the inside world of the music business may still think it’s all too daft to pay much attention too, but I’ll survive it – I already know I’ve found some more like minded fools to enjoy the new work with. I respect such foolishness more highly than I can say” he adds.

The new show will also be a good moment for the early summer in Bomo, with venue Jalarra only opening its doors a few weeks before offering something a little different for the resort town’s nightlife. Mr Peach explains.

“Tony and Graham, working on the new venture, contacted me just when I was pondering where on earth to launch the new LP – and out of the blue they call to say they’re looking for slightly alternative acts to populate their summer schedule with. ..If only I knew such an act, eh?”

Jalarra appears to be just the right new space for a Momo show, then? “It really does,” responds Timo enthusiastically, “the boys showed me around the space as the refurbishment was coming along and I sort of fell more and more the characterful vibe in there and their determination to build something creatively alternative with it. It’s a venue that’s just the right sort of size and personality to give Bournemouth a cracking new place to go find original new music. Just nicely left of centre. Right next door to the Winchy and not far from other fab places like Sixty Million Postcards, and my favourite cafe, Flirt.

“A great new place in the heart of my home town, right where I’d first want to share what I’ve been up to. I’m hugely looking forward to bringing our biggest show yet to Jalarra.”

However secretive Momo’s being about the new material, we’ve had one musical revelation already – the new tune All That Love Could Be, heralding the LP.

“It’s an instant favourite for people, I think” Timo nods. “The couple of times we’ve shared it live it has been an obvious new feel-good show finale and now that the wonderful Simon Brett has debuted the album mix on his Phonic Friday Breakfast, I know folks will enjoy it. Even though it’s a bit of a pop swerve for Amigos.”

And the rest of the LP? What can we expect? Mr Peach is coy.

“Expect some things that the Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra is going to LOVE playing out live in the future” he says. “It’s big and it’s filmic and it’s playful, and it’s chock-full of great tunes and all the Momo ingredients you’d want. It is a lot of fun and I hope, a worthy successor to The Golden Age.”

Then he adds: “Of course, I can’t tell you anything without having your memory erased afterwards, but it IS going to be a good record to listen to in a year full of camp spy films.”

The new album by Momo:tempo is out June 8th 2015.

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