Momo finally reveals the new LP on June 6th, two days ahead of the offical release, at Bournemouth’s best new space to celebrate original creative music, Jalarra. And you can bag your tickets now.

The wait is over – at least to know what it is you’re waiting for. Thespionage is the title of the long awaited follow-up to 2010’s The Golden Age Of Exploration, Momo:tempo’s rather original, dynamic, and eclectic debut LP. And now the man from Momo is back – as you can hear for yourself, at the hottest new venue in the south coast, right in the heart of Mr Peach’s home town.

“I really can’t wait to share the LP with everyone, and especially to launch it with the first ever showcase party night at Jalarra,” says Timo. “It is really going to be show to be at.”

As the posters put it, the most original new venue in town presents the most original new album in town. So why did Momo team up with Tony, Lisa, Graham and the team at Jalarra?

“They asked me in, out of the blue, and kindly showed me around the refurbishment. It is a really vibey place that will be a fab location to share a Momo show, and a great place to celebrate together. Not least of which because it’s also Momo Maestro Mr Adkins’ 40th birthday party, and lots of amigos and chums and who knows who else will be converging on the place, so we’re planning to have a great time, long into the night” Mr Peach confirms.

And what can we imagine from the show – and the album?

“Fun.” says Timo emphatically. “What else? We’ll be sharing a number of tunes brand new to Thespionage as well as some other splendid new surprises and guests. All of us in the Electro Pops Orchestra are so damned excited about it; can’t wait. And I can’t wait to hear how people enjoy the LP afterwards over the summer. It is work I love, summed up in it’s title – a fusion of electronic music, film and theatre.”

For a very first idea of what the outside world thinks, this first headline review of Thespionage from Essentially Pop gives an idea of what might be coming from reviewers. But there’s no accounting for taste.

“I’ve long learned to enjoy my work on its own terms and not for plaudits. Momo amigos and I are an elite breed in our tastes!” But, adds Momo, “For me, it’s an album about ways of seeing. Why would anyone want to stand in a spotlight? My hope is it is one of the most showbiz ways of ever asking such a question.”

Tickets are £10 on the door, or £8 with an online reservation from the Eventbrite page.

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