Conspiracy’s music film is all about loose ends

Rampage Studio’s new production for Momo may all be in someone’s head, but whoever they are, they’re clearly unraveling.

Current Momo:tempo single, Conspiracy, is a darkly daft twist of theatrical electro spy-pop from the bloke who brought you Undo and Nudge – and its new video may do more to confuse than enlighten, as you attempt to untangle what’s really going on.

Directed and produced by long-time amigo and collaborator, Ben Campbell, this latest film is quite a departure in style to their last work for Momo. “It’s a madly uncommercial song and a suitably odd film now to go with it,” says Momo’s Timo Peach, “but it’s gloriously single-minded., which is a creative principle I’m always banging on about.”


Single-minded it truly is, even to the point of being one long continuous camera shot with no cuts – an idea that involved a bit of nifty choreography and practice for Ben. “Ben had to practice every inch of the move around the set in order to get exactly the right shot from beginning to end,” Timo explains. “From not getting caught in his own shadow to avoiding clipping the red string we had everywhere, it was a bit of real physical skill to take in the imagery correctly, bang on time and, oh by the way, at some point in focus. He did amazingly – and earned a stiff drink at the end of the shoot for sure.”

A key feature of the film are the illustrations that appear with the choruses. For this, Momo commissioned Exeter illustrator, electro musician and broadcaster, Simon Brett. “Simon’s enthusiasm and support for me and Tempo are unbelievable, “says Timo. “I can’t believe how much he and the whole creative gang down west have supported my daft music project – and so to get to commission his comic skills for this was frankly amazing. And frankly the most narcissistic looking thing I’ve ever commissioned, I realise. But wow, what end results, bang on for the film – Simon got them right to the set spot on time for the shoot. What a pro. What a mate. Beautiful fun work.”

Another key component of the conceit of the film required post production work to get Mr Peach dropped into the structure of the set in a particular way. “A huge huge thankyou must go to Will who tracked in and worked up all the required shots so skillfully, as well as to Mar for the very nice work on the finished grade and cut. I am so grateful to them and to Rampage for jumping into Momo’s insane world for the sake of art and fun. Ben has proved himself a legend mate once again.”

“This film may seem absurd, even more so than the song itself perhaps, but it felt like a thing that had to happen, and it has been a pleasure working it up to this weirdly paranoid-looking final piece. It all seems so wrong, doesn’t it?” Timo smiles. “But I hope it feels like a right ol’ bit of entertainment.”

Pick up the three-part Conspiracy EP now on iTunes.

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