Erstwhile creative amigo and professional legend, Ben Campbell, has gotten me into some great bits of musical fun over the years. But there is a project coming out soon that has to be our most heroic collaboration yet.

Ben’s new short, Hero, is a sequel of sorts to the first short narrative I think I ever scored – his low-budge’ punchline punch-up, The Audition. It reunites the cast, if not exactly the characters, in a new bout of warehouse machismo that frankly should be the teaser to a whole film and TV franchise. For which, I hope, I have written a signature theme worthy of such a grandiose, camp, entertaining, downright ruddy cool idea.

If I say that I am almost as excited to share this new little bit of music and accompanying score with the world as I am the whole new Momo:tempo LP, you may have some idea of just out perspective-losing my enthusiasm for this bit of musical fun currently is. Bless me. But I usually get like this for something you might at least half enjoy.

In final post now, Hero will be released before the end of the summer but in the mean time you can find out a few things about it on the Hero Facebook page. Go and like and wait in anticipation for the knockabout fun. Will keep you posted.

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