Baking Secrets’ gets a delicious sig tune

Sunny Australian telly cook and Momo amigo Lyndey Milan has a new show out, with  particularly groovy opening title music from a certain UK producer bloke.

Flame Media’s new TV programme, Baking Secrets, is the latest on-screen cooking feast served up by Lyndey and premieres on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Food on Monday 14 July at 8.30pm, Sydney time. On air at the same time every Monday and running for six weeks, the show features a brand new signature tune from Momo:tempo.

“I was very pleased to be approached by Flame again to help them with the musical branding for this new show, I’ve really enjoyed working with the team on so many projects before.” says Momo’s Timo Peach. “But this tune turned into a great little bit of self indulgence – and not just for me.”

Momo’s head of horns, Mr Patrick Hayes, has worked with Mr Peach on lots of work over the last few years, but this new idea gave them both a chance to enjoy an approach they both confess to loving. “When I first played Pat the sketch,” grins Timo, “he said: ‘Wow! It sounds like Incongnito!'”

As much as both musicians love the jazz funk smiles of big tunes and big grooves, Mr Peach had to illustrate the idea to Flame before he could commission Patrick to session in the lead trombone on the final mix.

“Yeah,” Timo says with a strange face, “so I had to, ah, ‘demo’ it. ..Which lead to me doing something wildly unsensible that I shall be proud of until I die: I demoed it with mouth trumpet!”

Remarkably, this technique worked and producer Astrid Sampson and the Baking Secrets team really went for the idea.

Mr Hayes and Mr Peach also managed to get in a first recording session with two new Momo maestros, Barney Lowe and Jonny Griffiths, who added a little extra horn flourishing to the final arrangement, along with more effortless-sounding strings work from Pete Whitfield.

“We had a lovely sunny morning session here in the Momo studio, which felt suitably cheery for the final piece. We all had great fun and I love being able to have delivered such a tune for good professional friends, Flame and for Lyndey” says Timo.

Catch the new tune, Baking Secrets, right here on Soundcloud

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