Souk du jour.

Souk du jour.

Well, I may be sitting here listening to some marvelously noodley Bach harpsichord concertos, but as this short working week begins I should probably be listening to something Moroccan – for our quirky little TV show, Sophie in the souk, is now being trailed by the Travel Channel and is confirmed as being aired on Monday nights at 9pm, from the 18th May.

And to celebrate, you can visit the Momo:tempo website and hear a whole selection of tunes from the score.

That’s right – NEW MUSIC FROM MOMO! You might want to sit down.

And, I noted too, a reasonably prime-time slot for the show. I’ve not spoken with Ben yet, but the Travel Channel people apparently love it. Huge props to Ben for making something with such a strong identity for such a stunt budget – it’s been great fun to be a little part of.

On the Promo pages over there, there’s a little news item about it all which includes a link to the TC’s site where you can check out some trails and info.

Of course, there’s a reality check for the almost single handful of you who care. Yeah. I know.


As a result of all these durbeck pop larks and shimmy-shingling, I’ve not been working on The Golden Age for, well, ages.

I KNOW I KNOW already. I’m back on it this week. Promise. In fact, we’re working to a deadline of the end of June for it. Really. Schedule’s in front of me.

In the mean time, if you’re new to Momo:tempo, there is a new mix of Momo:radio on the Demo pages over there, which is a jolly little introduction to what it/we/I does/do, and there’s also the promotional tunes from the album currently on the Electro pages. Oh it’s all such good fun – go see for yourself.

..Go on, don’t just be polite. Pop the kettle on, make some fresh mint tea, turn up your computer speakers, get your bendir out and join in the Yey-Heys.

Shoukran et merci.

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