Viva Aviva.

Viva Aviva.

So Insurance giant Aviva – from historic cathedral city of Norwich – has been accused of slightly squandering M£80 on it’s rebrand campaign.

Now, money thrown at branding is always an easy rant; it’s sometimes just a less personalised version of the old essay: Why Build A Gallery For All This Art Crap When There Are Kiddies Dying. People matter, stuff doesn’t. Especially just decorative stuff.

Sounds true, as a statement. But we’ll talk about wellbeing and the exploration of the human soul and reasons to get out of bed in the first place, as well as effective financial administration in humanitarian crises another time.

But branding stuff is, after all, really about reaching people – so that the people doing the reaching get to take a pay cheque home to their families. So any criticism of a rebrand should be entirely judged on its effectiveness at reaching people. More than that – connecting with people. It’s not about the logo, it’s about the lingo.

Well, whatever. And maybe the jury’s out on that for Aviva – though their ads are surely getting seen. What people think Aviva means to them is another thing. >YAAAAWWWWNN< probably.

My point is the chuffing idea. If you’re going to spend squillions on something – at least make sure it makes SENSE.

“Would this have happened to Walter Willis?”

Yes, Bruce, you berk.

You might not have wanted them calling you Wally, but even then – you’re Bruce. Walter. Whatever – you. You’re cool and balding and look great in a sweaty vest. Who CARES about the name? You’re either any good or you’re not.

Two words: Englebert Humpadink. It’s as if he’s proving a point – by changing his name TO something freakishly stupid.

Bit of a Vauxhall Aviva, if you ask me.

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