It goes on. Things happen, and then more things happen. Or don’t.

Doesn’t sound like much of a screenplay idea to pitch to God, I’ll grant you. Life: stuff keeps, like, happening. But it’s obviously more complicated than that.

..Plus we’ll fill in a lot of it with CG and snappy editing.

So, after a remarkably sociable, productive weekend, Caroline and I are starting the week a little pooped. But, y’know. Okay.

The sun is out again this morning and I’ve written my first list of things to do. There will undoubtedly be more flamming and thwacking and clacking and shimmy-shingling and wailing to test the remarkable patience of our neighbours, as I get more into the film score, and Caroline seems to have yet more Very Important Meetings to deliver things into, but all of this is helpful momentum for us in what are weird times for many of the people we sat around mugs, glasses and tables with over the last 48 hours. And those we were hoping to with but couldn’t.

But, Sunday morning I was reminded of the need to sometimes get away alone and remember what’s really important in this fleeting life. Momentum can also be inertia, making it hard to steer the right direction.

So perhaps I’ll start this Monday with a walk up to the bakery and the bank in the sunshine. Before all the rythmns of life this week carry me along.

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