Slumming it.

Slumming it.

So we finally made it to the cinema. For two apparent ‘movie lovers’ we haven’t exactly boosted the British film industry with our patronage over the last twelve months. What have we been watching all that time? Don’t tell me it’s Will and Grace.

Of course, everyone says they’re a movie lover. What they mean is they love being given largely mindless things that move for a couple of hours, to stare at from the sofa. Bloody proles, eh? Eh? Wouldn’t know a subtitle if it explained what it was in Hindi to them. Those saps.

Everyone also says they’re a lover of Oscar smash, Slumdog Millionaire. And who are we to argue with the masses? I love those masses – they’re right. For we have seen it at last and can verify, it’s fab.

It’s one of those dead simple ideas, like the perfect pop tune, that seems so obvious it must have always been around.

I think Caroline’s draining few weeks made her rather vulnerable to its triumph-over-adversity charms as we sat there hugging in the cinema, last to leave. The cleaner guy looked uncomfortable.
Now we can join the throng, Bollywood sequence dancing in the street over it’s loveability. Masses, shaking their asses.

And I have long wanted to do a Bollywood dance number for a video. Like I said on my Facebook status the next morning, Charminster high street – that’s the place to do it. Someone ring the council. Someone ring an Indian choreographer. Someone ring the camera track and boom rental people. Someone leaflet the shops.

And the guy who knows the guy at the Giant Silk Pantaloons R Us store – make the call.

Sunshine’s out this morning. Been a productive week in some ways; artwork to press and articles written. Even managed to get Slumdog into my e-mailer for Team this week: “The slums of Mumbai may be a long way from the semis of Corfe Mullen…” Almost poetry.

Ben and I had a good first chat around his shoot in Morocco and my first skits for the soundtrack. Think he digs it generally so I’ll be skitting some more as we tackle first edit next week – jeepers, all eight episodes have to be delivered by the end of March.

And now I have some brochures to put to bed. Not tucked up under a quilt, you understand. Just finished and sent to the printers. But my business needs all the cooler-sounding street slang for what it does that it can get.

I’ve put on Cafe Del Mar volume Seis and am in an officially summery mood ahead of the weekend. These little delusions are the fuel you need. They’re the little shiny moments to bask in while you wait in vain for the big gameshow win to set off the glitter droppers and change your life.

Ah, Dusty doing The Look of Love. Let’s go to work, people; the world can be made alright.

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