Can you believe it’s snowing again? As wet as it is out there, snow is back – and settling. Which is unsettling.

Chillier is the news that the Bank of England is about to announce another interest rate cut, apparently – to 0.5%. It’s another attempt to unfreeze the economy, while Gordy tries to warm the UK/US entente cordiale. Or at least get Obama’s autograph.

As everyone over-analysed the two leaders’ body language this week, I couldn’t help thinking that Prime Minister Brown must represent an odd partner in the economic fight – wasn’t he at the helm of the UK’s influential economy for the precise ten year period that we built the success time bomb? Wasn’t he at the head of the drooling mob, stuffing fifties into the M&S; y-fronts of various vulgarly gyrating bank bosses, burring: “Devilishly imprudent, you naughty boys”?

To say nothing of his public backing of Blair in the war on Iraq.

A nice ironic daydream I’ve had is Blair still being PM alongside the Obama administration; though they represent fairly fundamentally different micro-eras in world politics, I can picture them dragging out every press con with charming jokes and little witty winks to one another. Possibly with stiff little declarations of love creeping into the routine…

“I meeen, y’know, c’mon, Mr President knows, ah, y’know,” >LOOKS UP, DEAD-PAN< "that I love him. >PAUSES< "Asyouknow," >SMIRKS BASHFULLYTO ONE SIDE< "it's always beeen a vury... speshul relationship... and..." >LOOKS UP AGAIN, PRESIDENTIALLY< "I'd like him to take me in his arms and tell me the warrineerack was just a bad dream."


Well, it’s Gordy and Barry doing the stand up. And I think they should let Baz do the jokes.

..Maybe that’s the ticket, yknow. While Mr Brown returns home and discusses quantitative easing with the bankers, fretting over where to get more cash from, I think the US should send Obama on a world comedy tour. Really. Can’t you see him, perched louchely on a cocktail lounge stool? Knocking them out to rapturous guffaws?

Wouldn’t just ease everyone’s tensions. I think it would be a licence to print money.

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