Moroccan role.

Moroccan role.

So I’ve been immersing myself in North West African beats and flavours for the last few weeks. Amazon have been helpful, as has a very informed chap called DJ Umb, who has been chatting to me on MySpace. After which, I coincidentally found he’d compiled one of the albums I’d had delivered, Experience Morocco – a great contemporary spin around this fabulously groovy country.

Also been chatting with a chap based out there called Steve. A Canadian musician who’s fallen for the vibe. And a girl, I think. Who can blame him for moving into it all.

I contemplated blowing some of Momo’s moola on a plane ticket out there, especially as Ben is still shooting this week. But, though I asked myself seriously ‘why’d you always choose Sensible, Tim?’ I did eventually conclude that Sensible had a point – spending rather than making on the project is not the smartest use of the Mo machine.

So here I am in Southbourne still, working through some early versions of vaguely oriental sounding things that don’t yet approximate anything properly Moroccan. The sketches I have together so far sound more like the score to a Middle Eastern political thriller.

Which is, of course, what I really want to be scoring. Might need to dial it down a tad for a cookery show.

Had a bonkers kind of few weeks, with odd experiences littering the normal itinery as casually as scientists now seem to be talking about alien life and the God Particle and Earth Like Planets. Will go into all that one day over coffee, perhaps. But I’ve been forcing myself to finish reading the intriguingly thought-out but risibly written out Alastair Reynolds book, Revelation Space, while also watching Around the world in 80 faiths and Battlestar Galactica, on again tonight. So once again, Real World and Play World are getting badly blurred for me.

I like it.

Would like to blur the Real Wallet and the Play Wallet enough to get on a plane to Marrakech and go record Gnawa zither music and Bedouin Chaabi for two weeks, mind. Think I’d like to put weird robot love aside for rocking the Casbah. WIth Caz, preferably.

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