Snow further.

Snow further.

So, I’m standing in the bay window of the studio, pouring a coffee. I’m looking out at a Christmas fairy cake icing version of the street outside, made by what I can only assume is a gigantic foam spewing machine somewhere behind the house, and I’m wondering where to start with my Moroccan TV score.

In a surprisingly rare clash of car itineraries this morning, I found myself walking to Boscombe to visit a very nice hygienist lady, who very nicely told me that I clean my teeth too well.

“Are you saying I shouldn’t be using the belt sander?” I asked incredulously. “Either you’re impressed with the lack of tartar or you’re not, lady.”

No, it is remarkable how nice going to the dentist is these days. Apart from the dental horror snaps they slideshow past you on the plasma telly while you wait in the very expensively slate-tiled reception area.

Anyway, the walk up there was a sort of biting wet one, made essentially pleasant by the genius addition of an umbrella and some rush mixes of the new Momo:tempo album.

But by the time I’d been in the waiting room, avoiding eye contact with the gum gore and teeth fear scrolling overhead, the wet stuff had turned distinctly to white stuff. With cold air reeshing around my shot blasted smile, some time later, I found myself walking back to the flat in a snow flurry.

The bakery at the top of the road always looks so inviting on days like this, doesn’t it? So naturally I popped in for a giant comfort bun, while there were still so many plump specimens lolling against the glass at me.


Jeepers, how does it do this so fast? This week-long, country-wide, weird weather? The crossroads outside looks like a seasonal greetings card. Snow has flumped over everything and the world is white again.

Which makes for a nice Friday feeling, for sure. Not due anywhere else today or tonight, so I think I might work on into the evening pizza zone. Which is also the disco zone, I believe.

All this warm lighting and work feels increasingly like some strange privilege at the moment. It’s the simple cutting edge of being homeless, this kind of weather. And with the scrolling list of businesses going under and people losing work, even my jolly stoicism is just beginning to get wary.

But busy I currently still am, for as long as I can avoid being a professional bumhead, as my Advertising Guru, Gellan, might put it.

The trick is working out how to spread any of this around. It all kind of needs my brain. So little of what I do is hand-overable artworking, or easy to brief work. It’s something I’m still thinking about, when thinking of other creative friends.

I can, though, make my own schedule sound fun, even if the reality isn’t the kind of swaggering money pump that some city agencies have the giant snowballs to charge. Ask Lorraine and Vernon what we were talking about on Wednesday evening. Sheesh, I need to get a London postcode…

Still, down here at the wintery seaside, do you fancy a glamorous peek at what a real-world idle creative gets up to? If you’re interested in a snapshot of a typical Momo To Do list, then I can tell you that I’ve pushed through some core brand material and web art for one client this week, signed off some scary-smart print for another, made a start on some cute folder pack for someone else, chewed around some reasonably clever-sounding headline creative for a charity campaign in the last couple of weeks, written a series of convincing articles about the local area for Team’s weekly e-bulletin and come up with a very cute brand for a chain of local fish and chip shops that will have all Momo afficionados scorning my One Design FIts All approach to creative. Not that I care here – it’s so jolly friendly. And ‘typical Momo’ was exactly what the client asked for. ..I DO have more than one typeface installed on this thing. I DO.

I’m now about to sit down with the layout pad for the start of something else new. ..Come on brain, stop staring out of the window at the snow. It’s just snow. ..Lots more fairy-pixie-playful but oddly portentous-seeming snow. ..Nothing to see here.

I suspect, however, that the real challenge this weekend won’t be messaging a new electronics testing business – it’ll be how to create a hazy North African vibe for a TV score filming in Marrakech next week.

I’m not sure gazing out of the window for inspiration will help…

Fill you in on that random addition to the schedule later. But if you happen to have an authentic raita reed horn somewhere – pleeeease may I borrow it?

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