Barry and George.

Barry and George.

Today is, apparently, St George’s day. But my mind’s on ol’ Bazzer.

I may be an Englishman, but I never remember this date – 23rd April. Who knows this? And when they say that less people celebrate the nation’s patron saint than celebrate Guy Fawkes night, I wonder who on earth is celebrating our basically-apocryphal dragon slayer AT ALL. And how are they doing it? We don’t parade giant paper dragons down the street, or enjoy traditional dragon soup recipes, overpriced and pre-packed by Tesco, in fact we don’t have ANYthing. What am I supposed to do to get all Englishy today? No one’s equipped me. Who am I, someone?

And anyway, it’s the big drag-on I’m thinking of. The presidential primaries in America.

So Hillers fights back again. It’s a head-scratcher, isn’t it? Tough bird in the one corner, gives the impression of being willing to say anything out of desperation to be nominated, but ruddy hell is tenacious. Then golden boy Obama in the other corner, all the qualifications the world is willing for a new US president, but not a sausage about how he’s going to inject life into America’s aimless economy. Hmm.

Lord only knows why this keeps my attention so much; I know as much about my local council elections when they come round as I do about St George’s day, but the surreal race for the Democratic nomination across the Atlantic has me hooked. Or is it speared?

How did George kill the sodding dragon?

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