Having the horn.

Having the horn.

Oh, boy, do I.

The economy may be taking a more theatrical dive than a Premier League striker, rolling around with the kind of over-acted agony clear enough to be seen from the back tiers of Wembley, but as we all know, one of the best tonics for a flagging game is a loud bit of trumpet karaoki.

So, before my business is stretchered off indefinitely, I thought I’d stir the blood with something so exciting I could barely sit down.

I’m easily pleased, obviously. And I’m definitely in that over-excited, can’t-see-it-properly stage. But there’s a particular track I’ve had cooking for a while that reeeeally needed a horn section. Thanks to Kev putting me in touch with his good, and formerly-professional trumpet player, John… I am grinning from ear to ringing ear.

I did warn the neighbours, but it was probably just as well they were out that afternoon. A trumpet is a loud thing. A LOUD thing. But I felt it was allowed.

I may calm down when I go back to the mix and find I can’t in fact stop it sounding like a school band. But right now, I SO have the horn. And so does Mark, who’s practicing drums for the piece, entitled Disfunkshun.

How do I concentrate on other deadlines with the horn? The horn is all I can think about.

Ah. A cold shower of client emails. Okay. Calm now.


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