Where are you? You’re in the online home of Momo:tempo, and you’re very welcome. You can put your feet on the ice-cool leather sofas and everything. Drink?


Momo is the production house of independent creative, music maker, wordist, future seeker and arty blighter Timo Peach – or Tim, or TC, or Timothy Charles if you want to get suddenly serious. Or just Mo. Together with other creative friends, Momo gets up to various things instead of holding down a proper job, much of which here, for the sake of argument, is some sort of leftfield electro-pop. Electronic new wave. Retrofuturism. Fringe club music. Digital-funk cabaret. Or something.

In his splendidly original artist recordings, as well as composing for television, film, theatre and fine art projects and of course in his colourful live outings with the Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra, Momo draws on some broad creative influences, even though his unmistakeable voice somehow creeps through into all of his work. Despite best efforts. From Art Pop to Krautrock, electro-swing theatre to spoken work score, Momo:tempo may be a groove-driven, horn-blasted, synth-soaked musical roller coaster, but you are safely strapped in during each of those brain swerves and soaring tummy-turners, arriving back where you started in one piece with an adorable snapshot of you being ill at the top of the last crescendo.

And, when he’s not lost in music, the wider spectrum of Momo’s creative life gets Mr Peach working as a writer, designer and art director,  presenter and voice-over artist. While his weekly podcast blog on the Lingo pages, Unsee The Future, explores his interest in encouraging a more sustainable human-planet future, often through the lens of science fiction.

If you’re new to Momo and you’d like to hear some examples of what Mr Peach gets up to while you’re earning a proper living, just click straight to the Demo pages to hear loads of nice musical ideas. They ARE nice.

Alternatively, if you’d like a little creative support for something, then why not get in touch via the Paparazzo page? Momo may even answer the phone himself, as his staff have busy and interesting lives. Show yourself around.