Let’s see.

Hot-damn. Well, I guess this is what the UK really voted for. And voting is what counts.


The passion with which some of us defend characters like Farage and hate perceptions like identity politics and mistrust inherantly lefty sounding concepts such as climate crisis – Boris is the antidote to all this. Amusingly British and disarming and says he knows what he stands for. And his cabinet is really what Brext implied – “no deal”. That’s Leaving. And, really, our whole economics implied this take-over of government. It’s a right-wing thing. It always was, when you stop the suffocating moderate language. No point in squirming at that label, we believe what we believe, right? Freedom. Democracy. Individualism. Not being dictated to. Markets auto-adjusting as the best tool we have to make sense of what we value – it’ll all come out in the wash, right? If people don’t buy it, it ain’t worth much. Sounds fair. Fair. Don’t impose on me. We don’t need to be imposed upon, we’re sensible. We’re British, and we can do anything we set our minds to. On our own. Standing as equals. Women and Asians in the cabinet without needing to preach about it. Get on with it, BJ!

This new government, and the clarity with which it will stand at the undoubtedly upcoming general election, is calling us out. What do we really believe? Who are we really? As Brits.

Sure, a handful of people comapratively voted for Boris as PM. Most of the millions of us didn’t get a chance in our current democractic set up. But we’ll get the chance to. And sure, he’s another Etonian but the class system is profoundly British, we feel safe with it. He’s been bred for this role, really. And he’ll make us laugh – what’s more sacred than that to Us Brits? And sure, more than half of us didn’t vote for Brexit and detest it’s toxicity with passion. But They’re just Intollerant Remoaners and don’t count, or They’re just too disaffected to bother voting. They don’t count either.

I guess we’ll have to let this group of people in government show us the fruit of their values. The fruit of what they think counts. To us. Who. See who will benefit from the real implications of a Conservative view of the world, which this cabinet arguably is. Let’s see how business picks up. Let’s see how many people move out of poverty. Let’s see how represented different communites of us are in the decision making; let’s see how much we think this matters. Let’s see how much good ol’ colonial Raj thinking is really a problem. Let’s see how much better off we all are as this more extremely right wing government gets what it wants. Let’s see how much President Trump praises Borris. Let’s see what happens to the NHS. Let’s see who really benefits. Maybe we’ll all be reclining in hot tubs as an independent island of entrepreneurs in the new roaring twenties.

Oh, and while we’re seeing all this, let’s see who of us feel horrified at the temperature in our political hot tub begining to get a lot hotter. Let’s see who of us decide to exercise the British right to be bloody minded and democratically free to challenge this right-wing view of the world. Let’s see how many of us can articulate an alternative view of the world and how much it catches on. Let’s see how many of us stand in front of motorcades not for ourselves but for generations of children unborn yet. Let’s see who of us fact-checks the voting records and interest links of people supposedly standing for us. Let’s see who roots out the connections and speaks up about the power dynamics. Let’s see how creative and bloody minded and witty and determined we really are, in challenging the status quo. Which this new government is. Just, with the mask slipping.

Let’s see how interesting we really are. How inspiring to the world. How important. Now we can finally Get On With It.

Let’s see. The fruit of who “we” really are. Let’s see who really counts. And what we really believe. Let’s see how much we care about a politician’s word or his values. Let’s see if we get the politicans we finally really deserve – the ones who reflect us. Let’s see how Britian really forges itself in the fires of a challenge.

And let’s see how long today’s hottest day on record stands.

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