Mo the fourth be with you: Looking forward and tickling up the brand.

A brand new chapter, a brand new visual brand language. Much of the old mucking about – but all of it pointing forward for new times with Momo.


Is it finally time? The bloke from Momo seems to think so. “Time to begin revealing what I and others have been up to with Momo – though this is just a beginning,” he says. “The beginning of the future.”

Transforming the visual of an idiosyncratic music project like Momo:tempo might afford lots of room for play, you might think. But as Bournemouth creative Timo Peach says, you’ve always got to stay true to your identity.

“Momo’s previous style was a truthful expression of this daft creative musical world I live in. Momo:tempo in the Thespionage years sounded especially spy-caper somewhere in the mix, and it was a fab little world to inhabit. But since then, I’ve been turning my attention forward – and working on a project that may be an even more truthful expression of all that I love” he says.

“We won’t be revealing the project itself for a month or so yet, but much has been happening behind the scenes,” he explains “and the new look unveiled today is the first expression of its tone and attitude. We’re heading towards the future with Momo in all manner of ways – and there’s an awful lot to come.”

But keeping the right tone is still a balancing act?

“For sure. Momo is playful, and I’m a slightly goofy Englishman abroad as a character in the middle of it,” he says, “and broadly this will never change. So all that we developed here has to still keep a good twinkle in its eye. But Momo is perhaps as much an art project as it is a musical one, and all my wider creative work seems to be bleeding past its borders more and more as I go on.”

“I love the idea of exploring the space between the dancefloor, the cabaret theatre and the gallery. And this is where we start.”



Support and development.

Developing and building beneath the surface is long time friends and Createful art director, Toby Pestridge. “And he’s  developed a lovely set of tools under the bonnet to use. I’m really looking forward to using it more” says Timo.

“We’re about to roll out a new Mercato shop – built as we speak but being shaken down. Which is going to be so super to build up things – have loads of ideas for posters and tees, over time. But I suppose the thing I’m most looking forward to is developing my relationship with my family of amigos, and seeing it grow. I think we can have some adventures together with the new work and I think it’s going to get them ALMOST as excited as I am about it.”

“For now, this is just the beginning. Of an adventure bigger than I’ve dared try before. I’m a long way from shore in my little ship this year, redirecting everything that Momo is. But I’m loving the direction we’re heading, at least. Let me know when the water biscuits run out and we’re all at sea for real, won’t you…”

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