Life’s A Pitch

The popular south coast creative scene podcast opened its second season with the bloke from Momo, asking him what on earth he thought art was. At least, they got an answer to this question, whatever it was they asked.


When Nabil and Viraj  asked Timo to join Life’s A Pitch, our man was chuffed – for he would be joining some real alumni from the central south agency landscape, most of whom know what they’re talking about to inspiring degree, while Mr Peach is ‘just a bloke in a shed’. Thankfully, the boys are interested in all manner of creative experiences as their developing series explores what it means in the twenty teens to be working as a professional maker and communicator.

The results here are a glimpse into the wider creative world of Momo and you can judge for youself if you get any more out of it than Bob the alien.


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