Open Sauce – peering forward.

The bloke from Momo is speaking. How is this news. Well, surprisingly, he’s been invited to share ‘something’ at the brand new ideas initiative from Think Create Do – and whatever it is he’s going to say to a room full of like-minded explorers, he’d better make it snappy.


Open Sauce is the latest brainchild of Matt Desmier – digital ambassador and founder of Silicon Beach, She Who Dares Wins and many other creative conferences in the UK south. And as he says, “the aim is to create an inclusive event.” One of the most inclusive aspects of the format undoubtedly turning out to be watching the invited speakers sweat over a timed pecha kucha-style presentation – 20 slides of 20 seconds each.



No one likes the word Networking. It either implies a more boring version of speed dating over business cards or possibly a lot of tangled cables. Either way, Open Sauce aims to be different. And the inclusion of Momo’s own Timo Peach in the proceedings may help this aspect of the event. The question is, a little too much?

“When Matt asked me to consider talking, I did wonder who the hell would pay to hear me babble. And about what, for goodness sake?” Timo says. “I am famously this unqualified bloke in a shed, not an expert or representitive of something really blooming clever and interesting. ..My entire back catalogue of music not withstanding, of course…” he smirks typically.

But that seems to be part of the goal of Matt and the team from Think Create Do. They even use the word ‘fun’ in their blurb about the upcoming night at favourite Bournemouth night spot Canvas, explaining that Open Sauce is for “anyone and everyone to come along” hoping that they will leave “having been inspired by the exciting, interesting and novel speakers”. Which means Momo might at least provide some entertainment.

“That I can usually find a way to do” Mr Peach confirms. “And timing the talk as a pecha kucha sort of turns it into more of a performance – it’ll feel a bit more like a spoken word piece.  But crikey, it also puts the pressure on to do something uncharacteristic for me… get it right.”



So what can the first Open Sauce audience expect from Momo’s 6min40sec?

“Confusion” he says.

“And in the middle of it, a first idea of what I’ve been working on over the last year. I’ll be peering forward a bit. But the official title of my talk is: Cursing the future: Coping with now in 20 C-words. It just feels like a time for some colourful language.”

“But don’t worry,” he adds, “we won’t be raising money via a swearbox.”

If you fancy being in that exclusive audience and being among the very first to hear what colourful language comes next from Momo, you might want to try to bag the very last tickets still available on Eventbrite here.


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