Momo scores Knightfall.

The proof-of-concept trailer to Rampage Studio’s epic swords and sorcery oddity sees Mr Peach wheeling out some big 80s fantasy soundtrack love – and wielding a little more than a digital baton.


Knightfall is a fantasy action feature in development by director, Ben Campbell. And as Momo amigos will know well, Ben and Momo:tempo have a long working relationship, through TV, short films and other corporate creative collaborations. So when he asked Timo Peach to join in with first musical development for a full length movie, Momo was never going to say no.

“Benny had kindly let me see a draft of the script early on,” says Timo. “And I loved it. Just the simple A-to-B of the action, set in the darkest woods of fantasy, seemed like a big romp of film making to be part of. Then when Ben said he wanted to make this score more overtly electronic, I was hooked.”

Following a misfit band of knights as they attempt to bring the heavily pregnant Princess Ivy back to her father for a healthy ransom, Knightfall throws up all manner of fowl creatures and violent n’er-do-wells in the writhing depths of Oublié Forest. Swords spark, limbs fly and blood splashes as the music of Momo:tempo roots the action in a very synthesised, vintage fantasy kind of wry drama.

“Ben and I explored a lot together. Lots of music worked through the many cuts as we wrestled with the possibilities of this slightly odd beast of a concept together, trying things out. Music does so much to set tone, and in a proof of concept cut like this, getting a very self-posessed tone bang on is essential to, well, winning funding to make the full film!” Mr Peach smiles.

For the trailer did indeed pack a feature’s worth of ideas and cast into just four days of filming, in October 2015. An intense shoot to introduce the whole world of Knightfall to a potential audience… that included a day’s visit from Mr Peach himself. And, in the end rather conspicuously.

He grins. “Yes. My dear friend Benny actually offered me an acting part. One that involved over five hours of makeup and some heavy over acting. And a heavy sword. I can’t thank him enough for one of the funnest days of work of my life.”



To see if you can spot the results of that day’s ‘work’ for yourself:


And watch a little behind the scenes action with Mr Peach himself:

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