Future funnybusiness.

I can’t believe it. Can you? An entire year since I put out Thespionage. Seems like a couple of months back, but I think it’s taken me a year to recover. So what shape’s the future taking for Momo next?


Well, it’s been an especially random time since that brilliant summer of 2015, full of individual projects and creative work keeping the wolf from the door in none-too-distressing ways and keeping me entertained as I ponder the next big thing. Shenanigans that included my daft Eurovision shot, of course – and I’m not sure that, in the end, Rescue could have, ah, really competed with Jamala’s heartfelt and nailbiting win with 1944 , it was the very deserved winner and a very nice sock in the eye to one of its larger and more contentious neighbours. Though the nice lads from the UK, Joe & Jake deserved a far better placing than third from last, doing as they did, a nice job of placing the UK squarely in the feels with all other contenders in Stockholm that night. Though the real winners were, of course, Mans and Petra, Sweden’s hosts, who delivered the undoubted winning entry with Love Love Peace Peace and whose wit and showbiz chops I now wish was a regular Eurotrashy fixture on my tele-visuo wall.

So one of the ‘creative’ things I’ve evidently been doing recently is intently watching the Eurovision. Sure. Tell us more about that, Peach, you fascinating cosmic adventurer.


SO. Next. What is next for Momo:tempo? Well, I haven’t only been mucking about like crazy person trying to outrun the voices of the void after completing the proudest creative project of his life to date. No. I have also, from pretty much the moment the last person left the sleepover that weekend in June, been chewing over the next big thing. Which just sorta came to me. Hologram like.

Obviously I’m not going to give much away now, am I. What did you think? I’d blurt out the secrets of the lab so soon? What I can say is that the idea for the third Momo:tempo LP had feverishly filled a few scrawled pages of the A2 layout pad before last summer was out, and that it’s been percolating into first musical sketches in the studio ever since. And…

..I am excited.

And a bit daunted. For the next album won’t simply be another very firmly Momo album, full of big daft tunes and creative swerves and trouser swinging musical how’s-your-father. Though it will be that. It’s also going to be a show. For art galleries. And neural dream factories, man.

Good lord, I am so excited. And the early tunes sketched out here already are adding to this. Very very early days, but I think a couple of nice Momo easy hits are in there, once worked through properly. But taking it beyond the studio, whilst eminently concievable, is going to take a pooling of talent to rather enlarge the Momo family of amigos, maestros and partners. But, having put together an early draft of a pitch document for the concept, it already feels real. Virtually.

As part of explorations and feasability work-outs with others, I can say that I am hoping to announce what’s coming by Christmas, for a spring 2017 launch. And what a lift off it would be, if you could teleport yourself to it.

First tickets will be shared with Amigos, because if you love Momo’s daft big doings, you are going to be a real hoopy frood for this.

However, third LP is not the only thing I shall be spending the rest of the summer pegging out. For erstwhile art stunt partner Hazel Evans is returning from many global adventures to help me begin to score out a full musical from Adventures Into The Monochronium – something she’s been writing since our time together last summer, and that we’ve been looking forward to making happen enormously. And from what I know already, it’s going to be a wonderfully trippy electro-folk fairytale. It was an especially pleasing thing for me to get to share a number of pieces from the original album at the Thespionage launch with Hazel – blooming love that project. But new adventures lie ahead.

So, in short. There is work to be done. So I may be a bit quiet posting new stuff for a while, as I circle the garden in headphones, stroking my beard and hoping to God I can still write anything original.

I’d better go get on with that, then, eh. Though one final note to add: There is a possibility of a special little live outing for Momo:tempo in the middle of the summer. As soon as I can confirm, I surely will. Be nice to dust off the high kicks once or twice before leaping into the brave new world.

Ciao for now. x

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