Swing Unlimited – a review

If you missed Momo’s intimate little show at Swing Unlimited Jazz club at the start of March, music reviewer and Bomo legend Dave Chinnery, of Rock Regeneration and Livewire Live, was there with his camera and imagination, and posted a little review.

Now I’m sure I shouldn’t really post this as Dave’s naughtily posted two grabbed videos from the night – rather giving away our two newly shared tunes as spoilers. But vanity gets the better of me – or at least, the desire for content and proof of performance!

Was it his on-air colleague, Conrad Barr, who once said that Dave’s camera is singlehandedly killing the Bomo music scene? Hah – it’s not the most high-fidelity sound on the two vids, but they are a candid glimpse of us all in action and nice memory for me. And Dave’s exposure to music far and wide in his unquenchable joy for it, and for encouraging new creativity, means he’s heard a lot of things to inform his opinion. I am therefore very pleaseed with how his brain dealt with Momo.


Rock Regen reviews Momo at Swing Unlimited


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