En Vacances

And so, hello ol’ Paradiso. I am returned after a little tootle around Burgundy with the phone off, having smeared a lot of cornershop Casino Rustique on a lot of honest boulangerie bounty, having rescued a couple of local dukes from a humid summer evening hot air balloon crash, having paid (substantial) respects on a pilgrimage to Volnay, having furtively prowled the museum of the Reformation (an actual thing) and goaded Calvin’s ghost in Geneva and having resolved to open a French salad bistro in Bomo the moment I return called Je Vinaigrette Rien, featuring a regular gipsy vinyl night, kicked off it would seem by a keen tangle of Gallic string twiddlers who seem to have agreed to follow me home in their inexplicably still functional Renault 4 with the contrabass sticking through the torn vinyl square in the roof.

I have also watched the brand new Doctor’s debut and fallen immediately for an essentially wonderful bit of witty imaginative English telly. Even if it did employ some flagrant lesbians and dinosaurs distraction techniques from the old guy. I’m all for all of it – it’s good to be home.

So here’s to some brand new adventures in a whole new chapter. I have a feeling some of them will be seat-of-the-pantaloons stuff.

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