Conspiracy is officially released, as warm-up shows are announced

19th May 2014, the long-awaited official release of Momo:tempo’s little pop spy cabaret number is happening, on an EP the also reveals a third part to the undercover goings on – while June 13th and 14th see the first new shows with the Electro Pops Orchestra to debut this live. ..Which you probably can’t come to.

Conspiracy:Declassified is the third chapter in the goofy-filmic goings-on of some chap who may or may not turn out to be working for the Government at a top secret level – and this version takes things to a darker place, closer to the dancefloor. Along with Conspiracy‘s chirpy cynical pop cabaret and Conspiracy:Crypto Facto, the lounge-swing second part, Declassified is released for purchase on iTunes and the like on Monday 19th May.

And, thanks to the talents of Ben Campbell at Rampage Studio, Conspiracy itself will also feature a new video. Which itself will also feature the illustrative skills of Simon Brett, though Timo Peach won’t explain properly yet.

“It… is colourful fun in a big way, what good chum Mr B produced for us. While the film itself is… possibly even more odd than its song. You’ll have to wait to find out” he says cryptically.

As release dates for Momo:tempo’s second LP fast approach, Mr Peach is also emerging from his shed to dust off the Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra at two private shows, including the prestigious Guildhall School Of Music & Drama – in the SU Basement.

“Yes, I’m nervous” says Timo, “This is a place where legendary musical skills have been honed. And some untrained sausage-fingered bozo like me is being allowed to turn up and arse about in front of students with their creative sights set very high. Thank goodness the band will at least show how to play. Can’t wait.”

And will this release herald hard news of the new album?

“It’s the beginning of letting things out of the bag, yes” says Mr Peach. “A bag of very eclectic, very groovy, very possibly poorly-judged things. As ever. Watch this space.”

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