Well, two of its parts may have been kicking around all year and all of it has managed, with my schedule, to still remain virtually Top Secret – but yes, you can now find Momo:tempo’s new single, Conspiracy, on various online music purchasing platforms.

I’ll be honest and say that it’s brilliant. ..Wait, that’s not the honesty I meant to blurt out. AH! Yes, I’ll be honest and say that this is really all a pre-cursor to the real promotional issue looming that is, of course, the long-awaited new LP. So, barely anyone knows about this little single ahead of me attempting to bang a drum bigger than Thai finger cymbals for the new Momo:tempo album.

As we speak, I am packing various gentleman’s personal effects to decamp to foreign climes for a couple of weeks on other creative matters with top Amigos that is all in the name of the Trumpet & Strings fund, essentially. Where is my Panama hat?

As I pack for the latest furtive soujourn with laptop and notepad, I am mainly aware of one thing – said beast of an album is sitting on my phone, ready to be auditioned in various god-forsaken hours of the night in similar corners of airports. All of it. All of it, that is, apart from a couple of sessions still due back – so a release date that’s firmer than the dandelion heads whisping across my garden is still illusive. But it will be this summer and I frankly abso-corking-lutely cannot wait to put it in your clammy, clawing paw.

I am loving it, despite the last-minute revisions and re-scribbles that always accompany a launch. ..Whadyamean, “how would you know, you’ve only managed to do this once”? You cheeksome blighter. Actually, I’ve done it so many times I can’t properly remember, but only officially once as Momo doing his own work.

Which brings me to mention some other fun I’ve been having in the last couple of weeks, which fits rather nicely with the tone of the new work here and will be rather exciting to share with you in June, I think. Film maker and long-time Momo collaborator Ben Campbell’s action short, Hero, has been a hoot to work on the music for, leading to something I may just announce as my new personal theme music to be played whenever I turn up anywhere. You’ll know just what I mean when you hear it.

But that to come. Much much else has been filling the studio here as the summer’s begun to take leaf outside it and I shall be sharing all in due course – including, of course, that forthcoming video for Conspiracy too.

Mean time, I need to get my suit in a case.


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