The first show of the year – and it’s out of this world. In Exeter.

Momo:tempo announces its first 2013 live date – joining Daleks, Wookies, Federation guards and robot burlesque performers, possibly, at Phonicon. Sunday 7th April, Exeter Phoenix. Would you like a Jelly Baby?

It may seem a less tried and tested venue than the local boozer, but a science fiction convention is perhaps not such a daft place to take the alternative club theatre of the Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra for a musical outing. Especially when it’s one that crosses over the fanaticism of Doctor Who with a love of electronic music and the arts.

Announcing the news, Momo’s own Mr Peach appeared to find it impossible not to grin enormously.

“Oh dear me, I can’t wait,” he said. “I mean, it will have been a few months since last we played out, gosh darn it all – but also… I mean, what a way to start the year’s shows. Among such fun, up-for-it folk. In silly costumes.”

But there is a little method in the madness, it seems. Not simply a chance to play an unusual festival, as Momo explains: “I do, of course, love sci fi in so many of its forms. It’s simply in the blood, I think – so I’ll be geekily interested to meet lots of people and hear their stories. I don’t quite get along to the full fan thing normally, so this is a good excuse to pin some geek colours to, well, the tweed three-piece tastefully. BUT, as a fan of a certain TV franchise in particular, it did strike me as opportune that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. So what better time to enjoy some time-traveling celebrations?”

Organiser Simon Brett, explained that this was the first ever Phonicon.

“Yes, the Exeter Phoenix has very kindly agreed to surrender itself to the laws of space and time for our very first Science Fiction and Fantasy event. It’s presented by Phonic FM, Exeter’s Sound Alternative Community Radio Station, and the idea for a whole sort of mini festival event grew from one of my shows on the station – The Phonic Screwdriver. It’s a fan programme presented by two huge Doctor Who fans. Not that either of us are especially huge, you understand. Just our love of… oh, you get it.”

The distinctive arts centre building will be invaded by all manner of sci fi fun for a day – special guests, costumed entertainers, comic artists, book signings, talks, an all-day cinema , merchandise traders, competitions and more. Guests look set to include actors from the current series of Doctor Who, The Star Wars movies and Space 1999 with writers, producers, artists, performers, national magazine contributors and film makers. “All topped off,” continues Simon, “with an evening’s entertainment of live music all included in the ticket price. Which is where Momo comes in.”

Simon approached Momo and asked him to play after being introduced to the sound through a friend. “I present another specialist radio show that celebrates electronic music in all its forms and I just instantly kind of loved this. I wondered, who is this bonkers bloke? And could quickly imagine the Momo show adding very nicely to an already fairly theatrical day.”

Mr Peach said he was intrigued by the mix of things that Phonicon has evolved into being: “Simon explained that the film community in Exeter just seemed to keep supporting their idea for the event and people kept coming forward to get involved. But that when interesting folk with an SF connection did get in touch, they offered to bring with them their other creative work and experience. So it seems to have crossed over into a real creative meeting point. Just seemed too intriguing to say no to.”

Will there be anything new from Momo:tempo on the night?

“Well see.” says Mr Peach enigmatically. “Of course, if you happen to have a time machine in your shed, you can pop down to the night right now and find out immediately.”

Ticket prices for the day are: £12 adults / £4 children (Under 14) / £8 concessions / £25 family ticket (2 adults 2 children).

To find out more, visit the Phonicon website now.

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