Mizuno runs with Momo

International sports equipment brand, Mizuno, is promoting its Wave Rider 16 and Wave Inspire 9 running shoes with a little online campaign, aiming to capture the essence of getting out there – and Momo:tempo has brought its score to life.

Invited by Thinking Juice Advertising to help them ‘chase the moment’ for the big sports name, Mr Peach devised a piece that aimed to articulate Mizuno’s serious credentials with runners – as they go looking for a certain kind of escape each time they exercise.

Watch “Mizuno, The Moment” right here.

“It was always meant to be a simply emotional proposition” says Momo, “chasing that moment of solitude, of physical purpose, of Freak Me, This Is Why I Go Running, or something. From a jog to the release of some belt-out sprint where everything makes a kind of sense. ..Trust me, you may not be the finely-honed athlete I am, but this zen high is quite something” he adds.

A cute intention with the structure also adds to the distinctive sense of movement to this piece – a 7/8 time signature that beats out MI-ZU-NO through out.

“The interesting thing was how well it seems to work as something to run to,” Timo explains. “Yeah, the concept could be clunky if it didn’t suit the story we’re aiming to tell, but the whole piece of music seems to lean forward with anticipation. A 4/4 version we tried just lacked the punch somehow. And interestingly, guitarist Martin is a runner and felt it was much more exciting to pound the streets to.”

Martin Rice of The Seventynine has recorded with Momo before and helped try a few different approaches to adding the edge of some electric. “He’s a pro at sensing what’s needed straight away for sure and though he’s a bit of a fleeting presence on the experimental full length mix, the guitar added vital punch and raw energy to the video mix” Timo explains.

“It’s meant to very subtly reflect Mizuno’s own Japanese heritage too – a blend of tech smoothness and something natural, flowing.”

Mr Peach worked under the direction of Thinking Juice’s Luke Bonner and Gemma Houghton among others, after the ad was shot in Spain during the summer. The piece is significantly brought to life too by the able bowing of Momo maestros Pete Whitfield of Realstrings and Simon Lockyer on cello.

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