Band of the week

I only left the shed for a couple of hours to jolly up to the welcoming bosom of one of the godson’s family, and in that time, fine chum and one of the longest-standing musical amigos, Kev, posted a photo of a bit of the Bournemouth Echo on Facebook. Late at night on an old iPhone screen I saw it, bleary eyed, and wondered if I had already nodded off into a slightly self-obsessed slumber.

Turns out someone at the local paper had kindly decided to make Momo:tempo band of the week. Still no idea who to thank, but it was rather a jolly write-up, I thought. Couldn’t have embellished most of it that well myself.

They even looked to their own archives to find a pic from the shoot I blagged my way into at the Russel Cotes a couple of years back, when launching The Golden Age.

Think I’d better get on with trying to substantiate half the claims in there.

Momo:tempo – Echo 24-7’s Band Of The Week.

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