Room for excitement.

Room for excitement.

It is little things that usually make a person happy. Don’t you think?

A very well-timed cup of tea, or a nice word from a client out of the blue, or finally buying a new pair of socks. Or someone asking you all about you for an hour. Or having some of the finest local musicians surround you in a small rehearsal room playing your tunes and making them sound basically ruddy exciting.

Yes, all is very simply well in those uncomplicated moments.

Momo is actually in the middle of developing a global event brand – a great project opportunity that’s affording us the chance to pull out some production stops for an international client. Good work for the more sensible end of the business.

Meanwhile, we’re also putting the finishing touches to our Tell And Show event at Champions on Sunday night and it’s a slightly different challenge. For one thing, as a neighbour said to me this week, the line-up sounds like a whole festival. And I have to stage manage it into an evening.

But yes, part of that particular challenge involves turning up in the local paper and doing the odd little interview all about Momo, and getting to rehearse with some real musical talent. To say that Mark The Drum and I are excited this morning after lastnight’s full run-through is a bit of an understatement.

And I’ve just signed off the payment on the production copies of The Golden Age which should arrive tomorrow. And I believe Mark The Print is delivering me a large poster this morning too. In fact, I believe some new shoes are even arriving by delivery this morning – so vanity levels are up a bit chez Momo.

Still, as exciting as all this creative work is, it’s still as much work as it is play – which comes with lots to organise and deliver well. I just hope I have enough mental room to do just that.

Will keep you posted.

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