Lyndey & Blair airs

Lyndey & Blair airs

In about twenty minutes from now, I’m going to miss a TV show. And it’s a shame, because it’s one I’ve worked on.

Yes, Lyndey & Blair’s Taste Of Greece goes out on SBS One at 8.00pm tonight – but in Sydney currency. In UK money, that’s 11.00am, and geo-blocked to foreigners like me. So, despite the show’s entire focus being relaxing with good food and wine, I shall be psyching myself up to do the next job over coffee. But I shall toast, none-the-less.

As has been said in numerous places now, the show has naturally turned into a fitting memory of young Blair, who’s sudden death in April still brings me up short when I think about it, despite the fact we never met. Felt a bit like we did. And it’s just stomach-pit odd to think that he’s gone. Especially when you see how full of sunshine and beans he and the whole show is.

I do hope Lyndey finds some joy in the screening of this first episode. But I’m thinking of her right now, and how broken hearted a mum will feel watching it, so soon after events.

On a personal note, I’ve loved developing the tunes for this production. Most of it was written in the dark dark months leading up to Christmas, in Momo’s jumbled temporary studio upstairs, but they’re pieces that rank amongst my favourite. So, understandably, I’m chuffed to be taking the wraps off them at last and sharing a first selection online from an hour-long bootleg album I’ll be pressing into the hands of my poor chums.

To check out Momo’s own news story on the show, with links to the official site and, of course, the new music on the Nuevo pages, just hop on over to the Promo story here.

Time for coffee, then.

Here’s to the sunshine.


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