It’s business time.

It’s business time.

Can’t be sure, but I think I was on the radio this week. Even more implausibly, on a business programme.

I know. You don’t need to say it.

Of course, Brian Harries, on the very good-hearted local station Hope FM, had no idea who I was or what my credentials as a businessman were likely to be, as I perched opposite him in the sumptuous Romanesque marble-and-drapes surroundings of Studio 1 in the roof of the YMCA in Bournemouth. And after explaining it to him on air for a bit, I’m not sure he was any the wiser.

But he did kindly let me attempt to be funny for the shameless majority of an hour on his lunchtime programme, on Tuesday. You know, in that way of mine that would get you sighing: “Ah, Mo…” with a little empty look of pity, before you go get on with some real work. You know the way. You do.

Brian firstly introduced me as his long-lost twin.

“So, explain it to me, Timo,” he then said, looking be squarely and beardedly in the the eye, “how does your business survive?”

Now, a lesser man in my position would have frozen like a severely under-RAMed PC being asked to suddenly process a high definition broadcast-quality final render of an entire Pixar movie. Not me.

I simply said cooly: “Some creatives feel that it’s good to specialise and get really good at something. That’s not me.” And looked him straight back in the eye like this made sense. Holding in the strong urge to additionally blurt out: “Titting about on the radio like this doesn’t help me knuckle down any, mind.”

What a pro.

Despite this, Brian was generous in his warmth and welcome of my particular brand of unrehearsed ‘personality’. And he described Momo’s music as “stupendous”, which I politely asked the work experience lass, Paige, to write down somewhere obvious.

So thanks to Brian and the Hope FM crew for inviting me on and not throwing me straight off, and to Suzy at Strawberry Fields for once again being my schedule’s personal Shuffle function.

As I posted on the Business Show FB wall later, don’t let Brian Harries’ wan elfen translucency fool you, he is not so easily upstaged.

Listening as I type to Annie Mac on Radio 1, I don’t know why I ever imagined that Momo would make more sense on a popular urban electro dance music show. Really.

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