In words and tweed:
Sort of playing the Day of Hugs festival.

Well, when your publicist asks politely on Monday morning whether you can do a gig on Friday evening, you don’t immediately say yes, do you? Not when you’d told the band we all had a couple of months before any live dates and we might as well all go for G&Ts; at the Swell Chaps Dead Creative Bar instead of practice.

I wish band life was like this for the Electro Pops Orchestra. Lounging together everywhere in casual sartorial brilliance like an eclectic gang of hipsters in a series of knee-bucklingly-cool Mad Men social scenes. If I can muster the costume and photography budget for the boys, we will spin this fable in the publicity shots.

In reality, the boys are too cool to be just lounging around within reach of Kimmerage on Good Friday evening and I stepped into the fray intrepidly alone. Sans cool gang to do most of the work for me.

But yes, Momo:tempo did play an exclusive pre-season, out-of-the-blue, boutique set at the Friday night warm-up to Dorset’s very friendly Day Of Hugs festival, Easter Friday night.

We didn’t exactly bill it as a Berk & A Laptop set, but I shall be doing so from now on. Entertainment can, it turns out, sometimes be portable, even for an electronic musician.

What the punters made of Momo’s assertive electro-pop cabaret at half-midnight in a blacked out tent in a heavily socialised haze, lord knows. But I’m well used to that look. Somewhere between What the hell is this happening in front of me and: Is it wrong or at least too soon to admit liking this? To say nothing of: Is it me or is that actually tweed?

I may produce a range of Momo-branded tees:


[Download Momo:tempo at…]

Best bit may well have been watching everyone try to process all this while I belted baritone Yiddish lai-lai-lais at them, arms flung wide over the relentless international theatre of The Travel Writer. Was worth it just for that.

Ah. Who wants to fit in anywhere anyway. Not when you’re already having fun.

Look out for more live dates soon.

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