I have no particular need of therapy at the moment. Other than as I always do, for the backdrop, bedrock barking. Things are okay, I should say – but busy.

People like busy people. It sounds credible. It’s a good problem. But you can be busy being an arse, remember. And I should know.

No, I’m thinking of a type of therapy that’s so universal, so multi-practical, so everyday-useful I mention it now as a helpful daily tip, should you find yourself ‘busy’.

Need a pep?

Pertness pooped?

Feeling less than frisky?

Really f***ing depressed?

I defy you to find me a human condition that is not downright righted by taking the following simple steps:

1: Locate a music playing device. A proper one, not a phone. One you can annoy the neighbours with (which if you do, you can instantly return to point one to feel better again, remember).

2: Locate a playable copy of Earth Wind & FIre’s tunes In the stone and Star.

3: Turn up volume a tad beyond Loud Enough.

4: Press Play.

Really. I frankly DARE you to try to prove me wrong. I would prescribe this on the NHS for people with the most fearsome personal obstacles to overcome. Only I might prescribe the whole damned Greatest Hits for hardcore cases.

Trust me. I’m not mad.

Despite being off to the physical therapy of a circuits class.

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