Old blogger.

Old blogger.

It’s not exactly been a jolly bloggy kind of few weeks, it has to be said. The pithy mirth and incisive observation you’ve come to rely on, oh utterly imaginary reader, have not been bubbling in the gullet ready to spill out of the creative windpipe into an entertainingly explosive coughing fit all over the Mac monitor quite as normal. I have had indigestion. Or whatever the upright version of constipation would be, suffered metaphorically. Off-colour in some way, anyway.

Which you undoubtedly are now after that little picture.

My point is that the only news I’ve had and the only interesting happenings I’ve witnessed in that time would have been so tedious to report, I’d have had no trouble conjuring a pretty accurate atmosphere of slow death. And, like every Hollywood take on the second world war ever released, the point of all this is hardly historical realism, is it.

You come here for succinct entertainment and pseudo-clever enlightenment mixed with just a self-affacing twist of zeitgeistian insight, masquerading only flimsily as proper personal journal. There’s no way I’d expect you to read what I’m REALLY doing every day, any more than you’d expect me to give you what you really want – detailed but readable proof that my life is actually fairly devoid of any truly decent stories, star-struck chance happenings, big creative achievements or half way sodding decent pay packets.

So yes, I’ve not been in the mood to rock the blog. Not had time either, really.

Not the way I wanted to start my 40th year.

For I have. Today. Today marks the completion of my 39th year on Earth and the inexorable skid through my fortieth into my actual fortieth birthday, one little year from now. I have, as my sister put it, just one year left of legitimate kidulthood.

I don’t know what’s more tragic – that my generation’s main claim to fame is that it invented this shameful reflection on our inability to grasp responsibility, or that I would describe any occurrence of it, at any age whatsoever, as legitimate.

Age itself hasn’t usually been an issue for me, I have to say. The numbers are pretty meaningless. If only they’d take the hint and consistently feel so.

The numbers are, in fact, more than meaningless – they start to sound just ridiculous. I mean, who the hell would let an arse like me near the age of 40? I’m the same time-wasting bastard I was two decades ago. What am I going to do with an adult age like 40? Really? Find a point to all this arsing about all of a sudden?

I think we all tend to be judged on track records. And there’s plenty of track behind me now, apparently. And not many records.

Apart from this heavily edited and incidental blog, anyway.

I suspect I know exactly what I’ll do with an adult age like 40.

Put it off for a year.

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