So anyway. You watch the news and you feel several serious shades of something unpleasant. Angry and pissed off and all that useless stuff. So you write an angry, pissed-off blog, hit Post, and flick on the radio for some light relief.

Next thing you know, in an uncomfortably obvious emotional volte-face, you find yourself being recorded on a hip, electro-beat, youth radio programme, sounding far too pleased to be on it.


Naturally, most people don’t expect the phone to ring while doing the washing up of a Friday evening to have Radio 1 ask if they’d like to pop on air with their amusing anecdote-come-obviously-hip-music-choice. But I quietly patted my hands dry, cleared my throat imperceptibly and coolly took the call. Obviously.

We think Annie Mac is a poppet for being nice about some old bloke ruining the feel of her show.

Momo on the Mash Up

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