Technically, we’re half way through Week 2 of January. Already. Enjoying being back, so far?

To a background of job losses and teary Woolies employees, my own pressured first full week back in the saddle can only be a blessing. There’s a reassuring amount for Momo to be pre-occupied with as the year starts, and it’s been nice seeing some of my clients and work chums again already.

But the studio’s certainly changed back from a bouncing New Year dancefloor to an arena of plate-spinning. Honestly. ..It feels like Imperial Rome does The Generation Game.

With clever-sounding presentations to write and clever-looking creative to pull out of the air, I fear for my Quality Street-addled brain. And I think the rest of me is still a few per-cent proof – I seemed to keep dropping things in meetings yesterday. Knocks the edge of your winking finger pistol when you simultaneously throw your pen across the room.

As I soldier on manfully through a pressured long one today then, as pre-occupied as I am, I can’t keep other news out of mind. Isreal. As far away as the situation is, all the usual joke-making here feels a little uncomfortable.

Not that this seemed to affect me when my father died, of course.

You have to get on. Of course.

But. Shit. It’s an Orwellian hell out there. Just an ever-worsening madness. I can’t compute it. What’s anyone, like, doing?

Having to get on with what’s in front of us and not think about it, mostly.

We have deadlines.

This post from Iloveravi on was interesting, I think:
“I agree that Israel should go after the Hamas soldiers
launching rockets into Israel.
Fucking right. Go get them.
But if you start killing innocent people including kids
then you loose your moral high-ground. Fast.
Israel has had enough of being afraid of rocket
attacks and has taken action.
Sadly the action they have taken is way, way,
way off the fucking deep end.
They are using weapons that most of the world
has agreed are too horrible to use EVEN in war.
They are using these weapons on civilians.
On children. They are killing hundreds of innocent
people without regret.
This is wrong no matter what your motives are.
Israel has transformed from a people with a
legitimate complaint to a dangerous and violent
monster that needs to be stopped.
I just hope the international community gets their
shit together before it is too late.”

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