Q: What do you do when you’re thirty-eight and recovering from a rookie’s night out with friends? (Don’t ask. I’m well aware what the First Step is…)

A: Bay window sequence dance in your underpants to Sebastien Tellier’s Divine.

I did the cocktail shaker, the train, the hand jive, the head swoop, the thumbing-a-ride – everything. In the pants. In the window. Tom Cruise style. ..Except, come to think of it, undoubtedly camper.

If there’s a better way to feel better about just about anything, I know it not. Doesn’t so much do away with the throbbing head and the wobbly tummy as hide them behind a sparkly costume.

Nice. It’s been on five times in a row.

..I know.

..I really AM a silly sod.

> ‘PLAY’ <

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