Momo Chrimbo.

Momo Chrimbo.

Well, so here we are. December 17 and I’ve put on some CD called Christmas Crooners, all on my own in a fairly jolly, sunny studio. It’s Christmas, and there’s not much more I can get done in the next day and a half now.

Though, of course, there’s loads to get done.

Anyway, hard to care now – because Christmas has come a little early to Momo. I’ve finally managed to get four new, mastered mixes up on the re-upholstered Momo:tempo website. At last. At long, bloomin’ last, I have something that people can point their iPods at.

Yes, Disfunkshun is out there. Check it out at

It’s alluding to the imminent finish of the whole album, I’m alarmed to say. But more of that in January. Let’s not spoil the festive calm with deadlines and productivity.

Time for brandy and a mince pie.

(..Sh**t! Is that the freakin’ time?)

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