..we chuffing can, apparently.

Overnight, America got its mojo back.

We’ve grown so used to the Bush administration’s incompetence that we’ve almost forgotten about the little chap that’s still apparently to be found in the White House. But the all-but landslide of Obama’s electoral victory lastnight has, at a stroke, put America back where it wants to be: inspiring the world.

Now, stick with all this, because I’m not sure that today’s a day to get hung about hyperbole.

I’m not sure it’s being silly to feel a lump in the throat about it all, some five hours away at nearest landfall. ..I’m not sure it’s OTT to shout OMG! out in the bleedin’ street, to be honest – and I’m really not sure that words will cover the genuine significance of the symbolism.

Think about it.

America managed to find a man who was not only intelligent and considerate but inspiring ..AND willing to run for public office. And thin. And then it actually chuffing well voted him in to the highest seat in the land.

Oh, and apparently his skin colour’s a novelty. Whatever.

Really. Just feel a little lightness about something groovy having just happened in politics for once. Feel no shame about the sentimentality. Because America just said no to the incompetent, narrow-minded, corrupt, basically hateful attitude of old fashioned right-wing Americanism. By one college vote under an official landslide.

Whatever the combined circumstances, it did. And Barrack’s retort to his well-wishers that this wasn’t so much his victory as everyone’s, because it was victory secured with countless counting hands and feet mobilising – that’s simply true. For once, the rhetoric is kinetic.
Interesting, though.

In America, they’ve always proudly said that any idiot can get into the White House.

It seems that both administrations, incumbent and elect, have proved it beyond doubt.

..Bloody get in, Baz.

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