Un-blissed. So, it’s here. One minute it was Spring, the next it’s Autumn.

I like the seasons. I respect them enough to give them capital letters but I think the one I usually react most to is Autumn. I embrace it; feel it’s backtoschool freshness and have a tidy up in the studio. Iron the blazer, buy a new pencil case.

And all that is definitely on the air here now. But here’s my problem: I don’t feel ready.

I mean, if you live in the UK, do you? What the hell happened to Summer? It just didn’t. The weather we’re having now is gorgeous but it’s still an Autumn sun beginning to droop in the sky out there. I feel cheated. Un-blissed.

Hey, but here is my problem really. I think I AM ready for it. I think I’m giving in. Look out of the studio window – it’s stunning. Beguiling. Telling you to start a new term and do some new stuff.

Okay, I accept it. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish I’d taken a holiday by now. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish-oh-wish I’d finished everything I’d hoped to as my fifth year of Momo draws to an end. But I’m getting happy to move on.

Yep, my sixth year of running a funny little creative studio by the sea will start in a couple of weeks. Websites still to complete, an album still to wrap up and accounts still to understand. I wish it was all done so I could wander out there and do what I secretly most look forward to every year – say a hearty hello to the season of change.

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