Fry day.

Fry day. Have you ever watched Channel Four News?

It’s almost a sort of cult to a lot of the middle classes because it actually still seems to care about news. John Snow in particular is a contemporary hero; deserves a large New Year’s Honour so he can politely turn it down. Jim Gray, the long-standing editor, should have one too.

But perhaps the least-honoured-but really-should-be person on the C4News team is the bloke or bird who writes the commercial break headlines. Whoever they are, they are a master craftsperson of delightful punnage and most nights, as I get up to take my dinner plate out after John has told me what’s happening when we come back, I find myself wondering if they pay this person a full-time wage to think of three good one-liners per show. They must do.

Anyway, I have no examples to hand but I was feeling like this person as I came to write a subject header.

This one is lame, obviously. No news interest or relevance other than it’s Friday here and gorgeously sunny. I have a suited meeting this morning after a week that rattled along like a runaway train again and I have loads to try and rope down quickly before the start of next week.

Bloody hell I’m getting dull. But, as Ferris said, life moves pretty fast. I’m trying not to miss it by blogging too much.

In particular, we finished the score to Sign Language. It’s cute. Ben’s done a nice job with it, so I’ll post a link as soon as there is one. And somehow, I managed to persuade him to let me do a big-band-style swing number on the end credits. Yep, with me crooning. What were we thinking?

Anyway, that and any other tracks from the film’s EP I’ll post on the timo website as soon as they’re in shape.

I’ve run out of interest. Have you? There are more stories to tell here in the Momo studio, but I can’t be bothered to think of suitably entertaining words to explain them right now.

I should pay somebody to do it for me.

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