Momo:Tempo and Lovelove Films to take a special place at the Olympics.

Offbeat music artist Momo:Tempo has joined forces with dynamic production company LoveLove Films to produce a unique music video for an innovative setting – the press launch of the ICCI at Weymouth Olympics. The distinctively playful production will be screened on a giant 360° panoramic screen as part of the Maritime Mix – London’s 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea.

The video reveals Momo’s brand new tune “Nudge” – and will be showcased at the giant ICCI360 Arena in Weymouth, which features a truly amazing three-sixty degree immersive audience experience, and will be a central element in the ‘Maritime Mix’ programme for the Olympics at Weymouth.

For a look at a regular cut of the film,
watch Nudge right here.

“Yes,” says Timo Peach, “you read that right. As the Olympics open, when the ICCI is launched to the press in Weymouth on Friday (August 27 2012), at some point some idiot chap-twit from Southbourne is going to be berking about on a screen as tall as a house and as long as a stretch of seafront promenade above everyone’s heads.”

“And security is so tight, they won’t let the real one in. Understandably.” he adds.



Both Momo and Lovelove Films – a Bournemouth based multimedia production company – were approached to produce the 360° creative film by Visual Soundtrack Project Director Geoff Foulkes, as part of a prestigious collaboration with the Visual Soundtrack Programme – an initiative set up to encourage growth and innovation in South West based music visual content businesses. Foulkes, former director of International Acquisitions at Warner Music explains, “Our project is all about encouraging creative businesses to get together and come up with innovative ways to make music and visuals work”.

Lovelove Films brought to life the unusual 360° film in under two weeks. Technically, the video demanded copious creative innovation from the film production team, who simultaneously worked alongside eachother in After Effects whilst learning the techniques of how to create 360° panoramic content. But as producer Georgina Hurcombe says: “Our animation team thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning a new technology framework whilst approaching the innovative video within the tight timeframe”.

The shoot for “Nudge” took place in Poole at DK Capture Studios which involved artist Timo dancing around a blue screen for six hours; “Six hours of dancing? Pah! – easy. ..It’s spending so long having to look at my damn-fool-face – that was the real challenge for the team” says Mr Peach.

Discussing his collaboration with LoveLove Films, Timo says: “The team at LoveLove have pulled a blinder, what with the technical demands and the rapid turnaround of the video. The production team have produced a fantastically entertaining bit of graphic theatre”.

Head Animator at Lovelove Films, Sunny Clarke describes how important it was to blend the cultural and unique influences of Momo:Tempo with the creative practices of After Effects software: “Our aim was to create a video influenced by the 1960s animations of Saul Bass, but with a contemporary style to reflect Momo:Tempo’s fun and quirky style. By incorporating this animated style, we were able to fill up the 360° panoramic screens with content that is immersive , with lots of individual animations keeping audiences entertained and guessing what’s going to happen next. The most important aspect about a 360° project that we have learnt, is that it’s vital to use the space provided to fully amuse an audience”.

The ICCI 360 Arena provides audiences with a unique opportunity to experience and participate in a diverse range of creative and cultural activities during the Olympics, including stunning live music, theatre performances, 360° film presentations, high resolution photography, animations, and interactive gaming events to excite the public and Olympics visitors . The music video “Nudge” will be presented throughout the duration of the Olympics, Paralympics and Olympiad events. For more information about schedules can be found on the ICCI360 Weymouth 2012 website.

To see more of the work LoveLove Films, check out their site here.

Momo:Tempo is the independent creative, Timo Peach. A designer, writer, music artist and producer based on the South coast of Bournemouth. Peach’s wide creative work has fed a distinctive, playful Momo sound- as artistic contributor to a huge range of creative projects both international and domestic. Momo’s unique crafted riot of beats, tunes and carefully chosen words boast influences from just about every corner of EDM. From quirky grooves to lush, romantic melodies – featuring a few silly voices, a spot of camp baritone karaoke, a bunch of blaring horns and a twist of two of world spices; all jelled together with Momo’s trademark spoken word style.

Lovelove Films, which formed in 2010, has grown from strength to strength as a leader for music videos in the South. The innovative independent multimedia company have been particularly successful with creating  interactive music videos and games for an array of artists, ranging from Joss Stone’s signed band Yes Sir Boss, to quirky International artist Gabby Young. The collaboration between Momo:Tempo and LoveLove Films provides the company with yet another opportunity to showcase the talents of the team; this time immersing an audience within a 360° panoramic experience.