Momo:tempo presents: Five songs to help us unsee the future.

On Sunday 29th April, the bloke from Momo is gathering future-minded souls, creative explorers and the simply curious to share a thing. A first ever share of the project that’s been redirecting Momo’s outlook over the last couple of years. The inspiration behind #Myfi and #UnseeTheFuture and the reason he’s started turning up at things shooting off his unqualified mouth about the human-planet tomorrow. A first test-bed unveiling of his personal response to the Now of fearsome realities, and how it has lead him to meet, involve and learn from some brilliant humans feeling similarly. And you could be there, if you’ve found this.




It’s about time. Sort of like Back To The Future II, the bloke from Momo hasn’t been quick to come back from 2015’s Thespionage with a big musical follow-up. But that’s because, he says, it’s become bigger than he expected.

“All I wanted to do was take my amigos into space,” he says. “But as I explored the simple theme of the next LP, I began to realise quickly that it wanted to be more than the third studio album from obscure electro-newave bloke Momo:tempo.”

It is that, of course. With a structural basis simply in the new musical work, Five Songs to help us Unsee The Future is a debut of pieces through a line-up of the Momo:tempo Electro-Pops Orchestra, including first glimpse so far, Behave New World. But the event will also be workbenching a whole event structure that Mr Peach is hoping to scale up, with key contributor, director Andy Robinson, along with a small host of other creatives already involved at this early public stage. All in a one-off show designed to invite a deliberately interesting cross-section of guests to join the conversation afterwards.

“The single most meaningful aim of this daft, risky, work-in-progress event is to get some good minds in the same room and try to inspire them a little” he says. “And I am way past caring how pompous this sounds – the topic we’re exploring means too much to me now” he laughs.





Five Songs will be a short sharing of ideas about the future in a very old-fashioned structure – music and spoken word. But, along with a spot of general son et lumiere along the way, it will feature scenes from Andy Robinon’s part in the show – a prelude to a specially commisioned short film, starring Veronica Jean Trickett.

“Andy was the first person I approached about this project, some two years ago now,” says Timo. “And when I outlined what I had in mind, and the kinds of themes I imagine us exploring, he came back with a piece of work that has put the heart into the whole project.”

It’s a piece of a puzzle with a few strands, being co-produced by creative partners like Octopus Farm, with contributions from Treehouse Digital and others, and all set in the imposing hall at Talbot Heath School for girls, as part of Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe. So it sounds appropriate that the face of the whole project is not Mr Peach’s but that of artist, writer and performer Hazel Evans.

“Hazel is indeed the face of the future,” Timo smiles. “And not just because it’s always a pleasure to work with my good art mate. She’s the face of Behave New World and Unsee The Future for good symbolic reason, right in the heart of the show, and so being able to present our world debut of our funny little unfunded pocket epic in the inspiring context of such a progressive educational insitution as Talbot Heath, well, feels resonnant” he says. “Hazel will be with me on stage as our characters sort of step out of the fridge and walk our audience around the quirky universe of our little show.”

“It’s about trying to make more sense of Now than our usual stories seem to” he adds. “In what can we base any hopes for better outcomes for humans on Earth than the ones we’re seeing everywhere that add up somehow to something convergingly bad that feels inevitable? Five Songs is the very tiny beginning of trying to question this.”



As Momo has been exploring a more factual view of the human-planet future with podcast and blog Unsee The Future, he’s come to the conclusion that the truth of our times can be found in our storytelling. And it might be time to write some new ones.

“Arty-farty as it sounds, people think in stories. And this project’s made me think that the story we think we’re in influences rather significantly the character we go on to play in daily life. And I’m wondering whether the single most effective thing we can aim to do in our different projects now is encourage a new collective story of us. Something that we’ll no doubt unpack a little on the night.”

On the night the show itself will be followed by a little time to chat back to Timo and the team about the show and its origins and ambitions.

“We are exploring whether this is a project which could be scaled a little as an event. And above all other creative aims in it, I want to see Andy’s full film made. But really, Five Songs is about gathering some thoughtful souls around an idea, and to see if we can make some new connections in all our ongoing work” Timo explains.

“Plus, of course, it will at least start to reveal work from the new Momo:tempo LP and it’s name, at last. Which I can’t wait to do. A po-faced talk on futurism trends and the environment this will not be…” he grins.


Sunday 29 April 2018, 6.30pm for 7.00pm start.
Talbot Heath School.


How can you be at Five Songs to help us Unsee The Future? Simply click this link to register.



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