Show me the napkin

Started 2016 as we mean to go on. On a cultural spending rampage in New York. Have you been? It’s not that it’s so terribly much more expensive than the weepingly wallet-mullering UK capital, it’s more that it seduces you to have a good time and hang the expense. Catch a silver-topped cane and go straight into the number, handing over your purse and credit cards for safekeeping. Like your most evil but most attractive showbiz friend. Who, I’ve told you before, you should really defriend on Facebook.

So, evidently, how we mean to go on this year is broke.

But totally worth it.

Here I blather on about something else, however – namely, the genesis of ideas, and how to communicate them. Just because I get these pompous pontificating moments from time to time, bear with. Plus, this one has coined a phrase in our house ever since, referring as we often do without always noticing to “the napkin” we think we’ve spotted in TV shows or whatever.

Anyway. This.


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