Saturday October 17th sees Oxfam’s 2015 music festival play out across the UK – and Mr Peach is hosting a fun little stage in Bomo’s part of the national event, highlighting original local sounds that put the emphesis on smile – with a set of his own especially for younger amigos.

The Eden stage of this year’s Takeover sees a line-up of bands to make you feel good, as you trail the town’s six venues of original local sounds all that day, from your one entry wristband. And the bloke from Momo is your host for this stage, bringing together some splendid alternative names including the cosmic Earthboy, the witty Plastic Jeezus and the purveyors of ukular fusion themselves, the Mother Ukers – or indeed, at one point, Timo Peach’s own uncategorisable band, The Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra.

The Four Horsemen, Chapplins Cellar Bar, The Inferno, Poison Apple, Sixty Million Postcards and Eden are joining forces with Oxjam Bournemouth to help raise money and awareness for the current international work of the charity Oxfam – while showcasing the music voices and venues of the south coast’s favourite creative resort. And they’ll be doing so with Takeovers all over the country – the biggest one-day music festival of the year.

Of course, Mr Peach has form here, hosting the Pier Theatre stage in 2012.

“It was kind of the best stage we’ve played,” he says, “if you’re talking space to run around. We had a blast. So I’m happy to have been asked to join the 2015 team and see how much fun we can raise alongside the funds.”

Oxjam’s current emphasis is summed up in its headline: “Everybody eat, everybody, drink, everybody learn” as it continues to work in projects across Africa in particular to help boost basic infrastructural needs in communities in real need of it.

“All charities have profound challenges, many simply political” says Timo. “Oxjam is a way to put local communities together with foreign communities in one creative breath. It’s a great excuse to discover new music and creative venues right on your doorstep, while being reminded of the bigger picture.”

And his own set might be a great way for younger appreciators of eclectic daftness to first think of music in a social global context, as this outing of Momo:tempo live is well before bed time.

“It’s true that Momo enjoys a wonderfully wide age range of amigos, from the rather older to the very much younger and everywhere in between – and those in between with children are often asking me to do a show early enough for their youngsters to be allowed in to the fun,” says Timo. “Well, I’ve put our own little set on at five in the afternoon. Let’s properly funk out with those who can really show us how to do it.”

“The way I see it is this: The news can easily make us feel helpless and distant from making a difference. So here is one way to join in, close to home, that will help you connect” he adds.

Join the Facebook event page for the Eden Stage Bomo Oxjam Takeover and follow Oxjam Bournemouth on Twitter to find out more.


  1. Hi, this sounds great! If we’re coming with children, do we have to get a ticket to just this event? When you buy the Oxjam all day tickets it says 18yrs+ only?
    Thanks for putting on a kid friendly do 🙂

    1. Hey, Lisa – splendid. Essentially, you’ll need a wristband to get into any one performance, but the wristband then lets you into ALL of them across all six venues on the day. Under 18 might mean they can come in for free, but you’ll be able to offer to pay, of course, or let them find one of the volunteers on site to pester them with donations. Come and say hello! Should be a cracking day all round.

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