The coolest digital networking collective is throwing its summer party and this year Meetdraw is inviting Momo:tempo to headline its biggest gathering yet, all in the name of all that’s currently creatively brilliant about Bournemouth – Thursday June 4th 2015.

With four regular events a year, south coast digital and agency talent connecter Meetdraw is well known for its great sense of occasion. Previous bashes have always been big parties celebrating innovation, clever creativity and how jolly splendid it is to get to work so close to the beach. But for the next event, it is really putting its ideas where its mouth is and taking the digital party of the summer to the beach. Almost. And Momo is joining in.

As one of the MD ‘butchers’, Momo himself, Mr Peach, has been partly responsible for a number of the shenanigans the group has become notorious for in its six year history – including last year’s summer do, Meetdraw 22: The Electric Boogaloo, an 80s themed party in the Orange Rooms that saw KITT from Knight Rider show up on the forecort for the evening.

“It was quite a bash,” says Timo. “Hell of a packed sunny evening that went on until some of us tried dancing home in the small hours. I even DJed a whole set of 80s disco dance. It was good. But this year’s, I am sad to say, will out do that. …Sad, because I’ve had nothing to do with it.”

The team wanted some live entertainment for this one, a rather bigger setting in an event space popping up for the week in the Waterfront space, right beside the beach on the pier approach – all in the name of celebrating Bournemouth’s currently growing presence in national conversations about creativity. So they co-opted their colleague and his big band in to share a set, just two days before Momo is launching a brand new LP.

“It’s the Thursday before the Saturday night bash at Jalarra, ” Mr Peach explains, ” but how could I say no? I very much want Momo to be counted with all the various creative things really taking shape around Bomo, as it itself takes new shape around us.”

The seaside town made national news earlier in the year when it emerged it has the fastest growing digital economy in the country, thanks to its many agencies, start-ups and tech initiatives, as well as its significant presence in the film industry thanks to the two universities. It also, of course, recently made headlines again as its football team, AFC Bournemouth, won the league and made promotion to the Premiership, just as the town is also being described as one of the hottest spots for building development. It is all go. Even the broadband is supposed to be faster here.

“Well, yes, it all sounds rather promising here at the moment. I think the Air Festival is now listed as the best of its kind in the UK or something and, goodness, there’s all manner of good creative souls exploring art and business here. So I’m very pleased to be in the mix for Meetdraw’s big celebration of it all this summer. It’ll be a great teaser for the reveals on Saturday night just up the road.”

Tickets for Meetdraw are always free, but definitely by registration. So get yours in now.


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