The Phonic Screwdriver tunes up Tempo’s mysterious new single

The exclusive first preview of Momo’s brand new offering of musical screw-loosety will be on a certain West Country specialist sci-fi show – Friday September 27, 8.00pm.

With autumn taking shape, so are rumours of Momo:tempo’s mythical new material, ahead of the Bournemouth music project’s long whispered-about new album. Only now, it looks like someone may be about to flourish some actual proof of existence – which you’ll be able to judge for yourself by tuning in to Phonic FM’s favourite nerd-up culture-questing radio show, The Phonic Screwdriver.

Momo himself, Mr Peach, will be the special guest of Lee and Simon in the cosy basement studios of Exeter Phoenix Arts’ own wireless station, on the last Friday of September. Presumably to go on about himself and his idiosyncratic music a bit.

“Following our one and only show this year, I’ve been holed up in the studio, wrestling with words and sounds and session talent” says Timo. “And now I’d like to share the first new work from the forthcoming lunacy manifesto that may be my new LP with the family of folk who made that one show of this year such a belter for me and Momo’s maestros.”

In April, Momo:tempo’s Electro Pops Orchestra headlined the inaugural science fiction convention, Phonicon, organised by The Phonic Screwdriver‘s erstwhile hosts. A set that debuted Momo’s first ever cover performance.

“We shared something we hoped would be special to the audience that night” Timo smiles broadly, “which seemed to go down very much as hoped. In fact, we were taken to people’s hearts down there so much it’s become one of my very favourite little adventures  since I first started dragging horn players to odd places. We were blown away by the support. The Phonicon family have brought a swell to the manly bosom with their encouragement – spearheaded by Mr Brett and Mr Rawlings with oddly enormous affection, it seems; the downright weird and utterly splendid, discerning gentlemen that they are.”

“So, I’m looking forward to making their lovely show the very first place anyone gets to hear something new from us. Seems only fitting. I’m hoping they’ll consider it a very nice gesture, and not, once they’ve heard it, a bafflingly awful intrusion into their evening” he adds, with a funny look.

Hear the first ever preview of Momo:tempo’s new single, Conspiracy, on The Phonic Screwdriver, Phonic FM, by tuning in online at 8.00pm, Friday 27th September 2013.

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